BMC, Китай

BMC Medical Co., Ltd. is the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of products for the diagnosis and therapy of sleep-disordered breathing in China.
Professional R&D
Since 1996 launching the first polysomnograph (PSG) in China, BMC continues to introduce innovative sleep diagnostic systems, covering the various requirements of sleep holter, polysomnograph, CPAP titration and sleep research. Up till now, BMC's sleep diagnostic system has been in the fourth generation of all digital technology. Its outstanding features and quality make BMC the leader of sleep diagnosis in China.
After years of research and development, BMC owns the innovative technology of nPAP and releases RESmartTM series, the intelligent CPAP and AutoCPAP in Q1 2007. RESmartTM adopt the most advanced sensor and control technology. It must be the milestone of becoming specialist of sleep diagnosis and therapy.

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